Social Learning Theory and VoiceThread


This week I was asked to create a VoiceThread for my first-grade students.  My VoiceThread was on the use of friendly numbers and how students can use this strategy to solve mental math problems.  I presented my VoiceThread in a way that used both voice and video to demonstrate the use of friendly numbers.  At the end, students were asked to solve their own problem and comment using one of five choices to demonstrate how they got their answer.

Upon completion of my VoiceThread, I presented my findings to my colleagues.  Within my presentation, I included my frustrations and my accomplishments using VoiceThread.  According to my colleagues, they believe VoiceThread can be very beneficial for older students, mainly in third grade and above.  They believe this tool can be used to create and present projects and allow for collaboration amongst students and teachers.  Lower elementary teachers find that VoiceThread can be beneficial as a way to present information to parents and students.  One example was to use VoiceThread during meet the teacher night and send parents home with the link to review the video if needed.  Furthermore, they believe parents will comment with questions based on what was presented at meet the teacher night.

After presenting VoiceThread to my colleagues and reviewing their feedback, the greatest insight I gained was to use this technology tool to enhance meet the teacher night.  I believe sending parents home with the VoiceThread link allows them to view your presentation multiple times and comment on specific topics.  Furthermore, by doing so, students can also comment using voice or video.  For example, parents and students are told snacks must be healthy, so no chips or candy, students can comment on the VoiceThread and ask about specific snacks they are allowed to bring to school.  This allows both students and parents to interact in the classroom and allows students to understand rules upon arriving at school on the first day.


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