Virtual Field Trip

My first grade class took a virtual field trip to the zoo!  We are currently learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and all the changes that occur during the process.  Furthermore, we are also learning about other animal life cycles including fish, mammals, and anphibians.  My students and I took a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo to experience all different types of wildlife.  Students were able to explore all types of animals, watch videos, learn about jobs at the zoo, and even watch live animal cams!  When they finished exploring, we related our learning to the life cycles of the butterflies we have in our classroom.  Students were asked to compare the life cycle of the butterfly to other animals they found on our field trip.  Through this comparison, they will also be able to identify what type of animal a butterfly is considered.  Through using the graphic organizer, students were able to outline their ideas and categorize their thinking.


Here is our graphic organizer showing which animals had similar life cycles to the butterflies in our classroom: View Graphic Organizer

graphic organizer


Virtual Field Trip Link: San Diego Zoo for Kids



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